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Software Designers / Continuous recruitment
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Software Designers / Continuous recruitment
Oulu, Tampere, Espoo
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Bittium is a Finnish engineering company where we design our own products and carry out demanding R&D projects for our customers all over the globe. Our core competence is in secure wireless data transfer and designing complete products and low level software. Our customers trust us when they need products and solutions for medical and defense organizations, network operators and manufacturers.

If you ask a person what is best in their work at Bittium, almost everyone says ”the work is very versatile”. This means, that the projects and ventures are very versatile but also, that the way of work is rich and fluent. Here you can put your heart into your work, work with a great team in progressing pace and you can feel proud of what you have accomplished. Those individuals, who tend to look outside the box, think a bit bigger and are eager to get their voices and ideas heard seem to thrive here at Bittium. The hard core of our business is our staff’s skill and enthusiasm to create something new. Also, we have modern and functional work environments, good benefits, ergonomics and tools are up-to-date. As an employer we are fair and flexible, we make decisions close, with common sense and listen to our staff.
We are constantly looking for software designers for many different projects, with many different skills and backgrounds. Because we have a lot of different projects, we are able to position different experts to our projects so that both younger and more experienced designers get the right kind of challenges and opportunities to expand their skills.

One person doesn’t have to know everything - at least one or two programming languages well mastered is enough, as long as you’re really interested in the field and always ready to learn more. These programming languages, platforms and tools are now particularly important for our projects: : Linux, Embedded Linux, Yocto Linux, Android, Windows, Windows Driver, RTOS, FreeRTOS, Python, Java, C/C++, Git, Jenkins, SVN.
Want to know more about us? Send us a short and concise application right away, tell us what you know, what you have done and what you are interested in. Let us then consider together whether we could offer you exactly the kind of challenge you have been looking for. We will be hiring several people for these jobs and the search is open for the time being.
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