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Bittium is a Finnish engineering house where we design our own products as well as implement demanding R&D projects for our customer globally. We are especially good when it comes to secure wireless connectivity and developing complete products and low-level software. We value the trust of our customers from various branches; e.g. medical equipment, official authorities, defence organizations, network operators and device manufacturers.

Now we are looking for the Lara Croft, Antero Rokka and Lasse Kukkonen of software development. All in one package.

Problem solving is your passion; you never give up digging up and identifying mesmerizing features that descent from ancient history. You’ve been there – done that – and you cannot be scared. You listen to any horror story without a blink, estimate what is needed and serve the solution with determination and as you see fit. You are the trusted defender who sweeps the blue line with eternal vigilance round after round.

To be honest, the job we need you for is not the hottest thing on media today. We are looking for that special someone who gets kicks out of it anyway and is committed to the job on the long run. The job would be replacing old servers, porting almost whatever language using tools to modern environments, debugging, maintaining servers and clients and solving related events, creating certificates. Solving tester problems, digging up device information from databases. Plus all the imaginable routines and exceptions of the maintenance function.

And why this job is better with us than anywhere else? Our portfolio of products, technologies and projects is versatile. You would work with the absolute best colleagues, both as professionals and as persons. There would be few dull days and the air would be filled with zest of achieving. Also we have modern and functional facilities, good ergonomics and appropriate tools. We offer good benefits and social functions for getting to know each other. We are a fair and flexible employer who makes decisions close, with common sense and listens to the staff.

If you already know these technical aspects it would make your work a lot easier. Some of them you can pick up on the way and new stuff will always come up:

  • PHP
  • C#
  • Database basics(SQL)
  • WAMP webserver
  • Linux basics

Extra score from these:
  • Generating Windows installers
  • Git/GitLab
  • Understanding SSL certificates
  • Knowledge on production testing
  • Python
  • Rsync

In addition it is necessary that you communicate well in Finnish and in English, are self-directing in your actions as well as when sharing information. Send your application right away to get things rolling.

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